11/18 Release Notes 


  1. New Menus (Beta) Dashboard
  2. Tagging Menus
  3. POS Setup/PIN Entry
  4. Station Overrides Updates
  5. Receipt Improvements
  6. Labor Report  (7Shifts)
  7. Tips Report – Upcoming Update

1. Menus (BETA)

  • Customize and specialize menus with the new Menus (BETA) features. This feature will allow you to build out specialized holiday and event menus in addition to your regular service menus. The existing “Menu” page will be renamed to “Products”.  
  • After creating the menu, you are able to add specified dates for ordering and fulfilment, assign specific categories to that menu, and then assign that menu to a zone. 

Menu Creation Screen

The Start Ordering Date determines when customers can begin placing an order, while the the Start Schedulable Date dictates the window that the order can be scheduled for.

Add Categories to the specified menu

Assign the menu to a specific Zone

Customer Menu View

2. Tagging Menus

  • Menus can be tagged using the same functionality as zones with include/exclude to filter the set of products shown on the menu.
  • This is extremely useful when menus crosscut categories and should display a subset of products.

3. POS Setup

  • You are now able to create a new POS Display which will allow you to easily navigate in server mode with a PIN, avoiding the cumbersome login/out process. 
  • Users with the server permission can be assigned a PIN from the Users dashboard.
  • The PIN will never be displayed to anyone other than the server. The PIN will be sent in an SMS directly to the number on file. Once sent, the PIN cannot be retrieved. If it is lost it must be reset from the dashboard.
  • If PIN entry is failed 5 times in a row the device will be deactivated and require reactivation from the manager dashboard.
  • The server will have access to all normal ordering functions except they will NOT be able to pay with their own payment methods.

From the Users dashboard assign users the server permission and a PIN.

Visit the Displays dashboard and select Add New Display System

In the dialog, select POS as the display type and name your display.

On the POS device visit https://gotab.io/displays and select POINT OF SALE

Activate the device using the activation code sent to the manager (this is exactly the same as the KDS setup).

Once activated, the POS will be locked to the ordering flow and show a PIN input for servers to sign in. 

After entering a valid PIN the ordering flow functions as normal, with the ability to switch users any time from the hamburger menu or the button shown below.

After a short period of inactivity the system will show a notification letting the server know that their session will end soon. They have the opportunity to continue or end. Ending and taking no action will result in that server being logged out and the PIN input screen will be displayed again.

4. Station Overrides Updates

  • The Stations dashboard now has a station override section. There are explicit instructions and a simplified flow that make it much easier to create and understand station overrides.
  • The old way of creating station overrides still exists as a failsafe but we recommend that you use this new UI as the old method will eventually be removed.

New Station Overrides section with instructions and detail on existing settings.

Wizard for adding a new station override. 

5. Receipt Improvements

  • The GoTab Fee/Autograt Description explanations have been added to the receipt screen. Customers can click the ? icon next to each line item to view the help text.

6. Labor Report  (7Shifts)

  • For any location with 7Shifts enabled, managers can now generate reports on the Labor Dashboard.
  • Managers can select up to 14 days to view the following for any employee within that time period: ID, Name, Role, Dept., Clock-In, Clock-Out, Type, Wage, Hours, Overtime, and Approved

7. Tips Report – Upcoming Update

Based on feedback from Monday’s Accounting Webinar, we will be removing the Tips report and adding a new view to see all payments on the Payments Dashboard. You will be able to export all information needed for tips allocation in whatever way you prefer (by time, zone, spot, etc). 

If you have any questions regarding these updates, please do not hesitate to contact us at support@gotab.io or reach out to your dedicated customer success representative.