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How Quick Service and Counter Service Businesses can Seamlessly Integrate GoTab into their Flow

Quick service restaurants are among the more conservative businesses to utilize contactless payments. According to CNBC, only 36% of quick service restaurants have gone contactless. Compare this number to a different business in the food industry like grocery stores. As much as 85 percent have gone contactless. This raises the question: How do we help quick service restaurants go contactless? GoTab lets you easily customize the platform for fast-paced business models.

Quick Service Dine-In

  1. Guests approach the counter and order from a staff member. Your staff will enter the order on GoTab’s POS and customize it using GoTab’s modifiers. The prices will update automatically.

  2. Your staff submits the order which is sent to your GoTab Kitchen Display App (KDS). Additionally, your guest receives a text confirming their order.

  3. The kitchen updates the KDS, indicating the order is ready. Your team member retrieves the order from the kitchen and delivers it to the guest.

Quick Service Takeout

  1. Guests view the menu via GoTab’s website link which can be embedded in your website, shared on social media, or scanned via QR code.

  2. The guest will schedule their pickup date and time, then places their order. Guests are able to modify their items, similar to how a staff member would on a restaurant POS.

  3. The order is sent to the GoTab KDS to be fulfilled, and simultaneously, the customer receives a verification text to confirm their order for pickup.

GoTab’s Quick Service Features

  • Branded online menu with your custom look and feel.
  • Discounts and special offers to promote bundling of food, drinks, family meals, etc.
  • Scheduling capabilities that allow guests to book their preferred pickup date and time and receive customized pickup instructions. If plans change, guests can easily adjust their pickup time and location.
  • Integration with GoTab KDS so the kitchen can seamlessly expedite orders through a single interface.
  • Two-way text communication with guests ensures everyone stays informed.
  • Packing slips for organized fulfillment of orders and uses two-way chat capabilities to maintain open communication throughout the process.

GoTab’s Quick Service Features

We don’t want to set up a new POS system to go contactless.

GoTab can be used in conjunction with your existing quick service POS. Our system is customizable to your business’s needs, which means you can keep using your own POS and add GoTab, or you can switch to using GoTab’s POS.

Ordering on an unfamiliar system will take too long for our guests.

Our operators have found massive success allowing their guests to order through GoTab. The intuitive design guides guests through our system. Operators who use GoTab have found that guests who come back again order faster since they know how the system works. 

It’s too late to set up contactless ordering.

GoTab’s contactless system can be set up in 24 hours, and training staff on how to use the system is fast. In fact, most back-of-house (BOH) operations stay the same according to our testimonial with Datcha Navy Yard.

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