Guinness Open Gate Brewery Uses GoTab

100% menu control. SMS support for two-way guest interaction. Flexible inventory management.

GoTab and Toast Comparison

GoTab makes the hospitality experience better for operators and guests. 

You’ll reduce transaction costs using GoTab’s native features for opening a digital tab, sharing and splitting the tab and tips, and keeping the tab open until it’s time to settle.

Enjoy more flexibility and peace-of-mind with no long-term contracts or expensive hardware to purchase.

Integrates with best-of-breed accounting, delivery and labor management systems.

GoTab and Toast
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Barcelona Wine Bar GoTab Screen

Digital Menu and eCommerce Storefront

  • Add and adjust categories, schedules, images and the order of menu, merchandise or grocery items
  • Enable, disable or 86 items on demand
  • Customize menu(s) by “zone” or on-premise location

Kitchen Display System (KDS)

  • Monitor Open & Closed Orders; time-stamped with active ticker
  • Quick Disable (86 Items) with Audit Trail
  • Contact 24/7 GoTab Support
Server consulting with guest at restaurant
PAXBiz Powered by Android

Mobile POS Terminal

  • Contactless ordering and payment features for servers
  • Servers start and add to a digital check
  • Easily pass the digital check to guests

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