Why GoTab?

No matter how amazing your staff is, they can not delight every guest at every moment. GoTab’s system works in partnership with your people to extend your hospitality through self service.

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Think Food Group needed a way to provide a great experience for their guests, even during extraordinary circumstances. GoTab partnered with Jose Andrés and his team to create a contactless system for guests to order, pay, and grab their food quickly and efficiently.

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No app download required.
No hardware replacements.
No absurd fees for you or your guests.

Rely on your staff’s expertise to help enhance the quality of your guests’ experience

Use contact-free technology to expand your service reach
Control the process from menu creation to order fulfillment from our easy-to-use manager dashboard

Let quality and convenience work for you to create a high-end experience for your guests

GoTab + You

GoTab is the mobile ordering and payment platform. We live and breathe great hospitality. Simply put, GoTab pleases your guests without compromising your service.

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