Hospitality operators are rethinking service models. Technology is increasingly a part of their plans. 

Since 2017, Crunchbase News has covered the intersection of technology and money. This month, they turned their attention to the restaurant space. They wanted to find out about the funding landscape and how technology is helping restaurants improve their bottom lines.

Author Christine Hall learned of the recent announcement of our latest $6M funding round. She interviewed GoTab Founder & CEO Tim McLaughlin to discuss our contactless ordering & payment offerings. Tim talked about the curbside pickup and takeout solutions we developed to help open up untapped revenue streams during the pandemic lockdowns.

GoTab is among a select group of restaurant technology apps and platforms that are gaining wide-spread adoption. These apps and platforms are getting strong investment too. Hale organizes the space into four categories: online ordering, operations, delivery and data.

There’s a lot of good news in this list. The best news of all is funding this year is on par to match last year’s venture funding of $1.6B. 

Here’s a quick overview of the solutions Crunchbase covered:

Online Ordering

  • Numa, a text answering service and virtual receptionist platform.
  • SpotOn, a digital loyalty and marketing software platform.


  • Workstream, a text recruiting platform for local businesses.
  • Seated, a restaurant discovery app.


  • curbFlow, an app that identifies vacancy intelligence in real-time for drivers needing to pickup and drop-off deliveries.


  • Galley Solutions, helps restaurants, caterers and other types of food businesses collect and understand the data behind their operations. 

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