Contactless Payment

GoTab exists to make the payment experience easy and contact-free.

Ready to close a tab? Upon checkout, guests are given the option of inputting credit card information to our secure website or paying through a digital wallet such as Apple Pay, Android Pay, or Google Pay. Guests pay directly from their  phone, no app downloads required. GoTab provides stored and emailed receipts. All card information is encrypted and protected. Operators can go paperless while enabling friction-free loyalty.

For dine-in, GoTab offers superior functionality among other contactless payment providers. Here’s why: tabs stay open until all ordering is complete resulting in fewer overall transactions. Walkouts are a thing of the past because guests confirm their payment method before ordering. Tabs automatically close when the venue closes, and your guests won’t accidentally leave credit cards behind.


Ordering with GoTab is Easy.

Simply scan, order and enjoy – GoTab takes care of the rest.

Learn more about our pricing today.

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