Contactless Menu

The New Standard in Contactless Menu Management

Now more than ever, you need to be able to actively manage your menu. You should be able to change on-the-fly. Add and 86 items. It all works to ensure you’re offering a menu that appeals to your guests’ desires.

GoTab allows you to control how your digital menu displays. We even support full eCommerce capabilities. You can sell grocery items, “merch” and more. Use GoTags to allow guests to filter by “Vegan” or “Gluten Free” items. Add your own branding, photography, and even multimedia (video). Create an engaging online site.

Customizing a contactless mobile-friendly menu in GoTab is easy

  • Add and adjust categories, schedules, images and the order of menu items.
  • Set up menu modifiers, standard tax and default tip rates.
  • Enable, disable, or 86 items on demand.
  • For dine-in, change your menu by “zone” or on-premise location; i.e. patio, dining room, bar.
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Contactless Menus put your guests in control.

Guests don’t need to wait for a busy server. They can order from their phones. That means less errors. No pickles? No problem. And because you can enhance your contactless menu with images, you can get beyond simply displaying your menu. Rich photos help you sell your menu. 

GoTab also offers a full-featured Kitchen Display System (KDS). 

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