Contactless Server


Your staff greets your guests as usual.

Your knowledgeable staff can start a tab for a guest, make recommendations, and place orders on a mobile device on your GoTab website or through the GoTab mobile app.

Guests can add to their tab themselves, and your staff are free to make recommendations and adjust orders as well.

When it comes to payment, guests can tip and pay directly from their mobile device with their preferred card or mobile wallet.

Contactless Self-Service

Guests can self-serve by scanning the GoTab QR code at their table.

Guests browse your customized menu, select items and options, and submit orders from their iPhone or Android device, no app downloads required.

Orders show up in your GoTab kitchen display system (KDS), or existing POS (via integration).

Beer Sample 3

Whether Contactless Self-Service or Contactless Server, reordering is seamless too. Another round of apps or drinks? No problem. The guest tab stays open until all their ordering is done.

When your guests are ready, they simply pay on their mobile phone via Credit Card, Apple or Android Pay.

It’s a complete, contactless ordering experience. No need to wait for a server to close their tab.