Understanding what your guests crave – “contactless care”

Espita outdoor dining area.

Contactless dine-in lets you bridge the gap between full-service hospitality and the safe experience your guests demand. Ideal for polished-casual / fine-dining venues, contactless dine-in strikes a comfortable balance for your guests. 

Today, guests are looking for four simple things from their dining experience:

  1. Quality of the food
  2. Ambient environment
  3. Right price point
  4. And, with COVID: Safety (including contactless features)

With so many people spending more time isolated from one another, connecting with your staff over a meal could be the highlight of their day. Add it all together and we call it “contactless care”. 

Contactless Care: the push and pull of service versus safety

Operators want to make sure their staff and their guests feel safe. At the same time, they want to ensure their guests feel cared for. The good news is that you don’t have to choose. You can use contactless dine-in and contactless ordering in the same venue. 

By giving your guests options for ordering and paying, they have full control. Your staff can stay safe by limiting unnecessary contacts with things like check holders and menus. For those who crave the personal connection of talking to a server can still do so in a safe way.

Here’s how table-side ordering with contactless dine-in works with GoTab:

Waiter helps customer with her tab on a contactless order.
  • Your knowledgeable staff can start a tab for a guest, make recommendations, and place orders on any iOS or Android device through the Five-Star GoTab mobile app.
  • If guests want another round of apps or drinks, or their favorite dessert, no problem. Guests can choose: flag down a server for the next order; or, order themselves.
  • Using their iOS or Android device (no app download required), guests can scan the GoTab QR menu at the table. 
  • GoTab allows guests to simply add to the tab the server opened on their behalf.
  • Orders show up in your GoTab kitchen display system (KDS), or existing POS (via integration).

Two ways to pay

When it’s time to pay, guests have options here too:

  • With the GoTab card payment terminal, guests who are more comfortable using their physical card can pay at table-side.
  • Those comfortable with contactless payment can simply close out their tab on their mobile device.

GoTab’s features for full-service and dine-in experiences will help you deliver a high-quality guest experience without sacrificing safety standards. 

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