POS Software for Breweries

No Monthly Subscription,
Terminal or KDS Costs

Take-out, Delivery, Ghost Kitchens, Catering, Retail Grocery +More

Guests can order and pay directly from their own mobile device, through a server, or blend the two experiences all on one tab. We maximize guest convenience with simple, easy-to-use features that are a perfect match for today’s brewery environment

"I would say GoTab as contemplated previrus was simply an ordering utility. Now, with 100% of our activity at our restaurants going through that, now it’s not just an ordering platform [...] but it’s an experience platform." -Stone Brewing, Escondido, CA

Stone Brewing dinner.

"At least five or six times a night I get people coming up to me after their meal and telling me how much of a better dining experience this is because they feel more empowered." -Espita, Washington, DC

20% Higher
Average Covers

Open, Share, Split Tab Functionality

Contactless Pay &

Speed Table Turns, Eliminate Walk-Outs

Lowest Base
Transaction Costs

2.49% of transaction + $0.25 per transaction

2-Way Text

Open, Share, Split Tab Functionality

Hop Lot Brewing burger and fries.

"I’d happily pay more than what I’m even paying now for GoTab. It works great and makes everything easier. Guests order more and are definitely happier" -Hop Lot Brewing, Leelanau County, MI

"We were able to launch our Kwik-E Beer Pop-Up Shops seamlessly with GoTab, without worrying about bulky technology burdens." -Evil Genius Brewery, Philadelphia, PA

Woman poring a beer.

Get Up and Running in 24 Hours

As restaurateurs, we operate on your schedule. We know your time is limited and your budget is tight. That’s why we take the hassle out of getting up and running. Just reach out and we’ll get you signed up today.

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